Privacy and peace, but also coworking and coliving when you're in the mood

Domeq makes it easy to both work on your projects in peace or to share your company with others.

Modern architecture

Each building was design by architects to be not only functional, but also aesthetical.


Kick-start your career! Do you feel like working from home today? Stay in and use Domeq's coworking spaces.

Relax zone

Even if you are new to Brno, you will never be alone in Domeq.

Clubco – the most modern coworking in Brno

If the coworking in Domeq 1 doesn't feel like enough, there's a modern coworking space walking distance from here in Vlněna Business Park.

Gym and outdoor pitch

Want to stretch your muscles after a hard day's work? No need to commute anywhere.

Amazing location! Downtown is right there

Domeq is close to everywhere you can think of. Shopping or fun.

Feedback from the tenants