Let go of your mundane worries and chores – we’ll take care of all your needs! There’s English-speaking reception, round the clock security service, cleaning service, parking, laundry room, vending machines, bike storage, etc. See all of them below.

Coworking spaces

Do you need to get up from your personal desk for a little bit? Need to plan a meeting with your partner or coworker? Use all the advantages of our working spaces in the lobby of Domeq 1.  

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Relax zone

Do you want to meet the other tenants of Domeq, play billiards, watch films or TV together, play the Playstation, piano or watch a football match on a projector? Or just chill in the comfortable sofas and fatboys and talk? Even if you are new to Brno, you will never be alone in Domeq.

Study room

Looking for a peaceful place where you can focus on your projects? Domeq 1’s study room is open to all residents who need to cram for exams or prepare projects and business strategies.

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What’s the best way to kick off the day? How can you gain more energy after a difficult day at the office or in class? All sports and exercise lovers are welcome in our fully-equipped gym in Domeq 1.

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Laundry room and linen rentals

There is strength in simplicity. If we’re talking chores like doing your laundry, we have a laundry room ready for you on the ground floor of Domeq 1.

Did you arrive to the city with nothing but your suitcase? We’ll make sure that you can relax in your bed already on day one with a full set of linens.

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Parking in the city can be such a headache. Doesn’t apply to Domeq! We offer outdoor parking spaces around Domeq 1 and underground parking below Domeq 2&3.

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Bike rentals

Hop on, pedal, hop off. Riding the bike will save your time plus it’s healthy! And you’ll feel like a local! Residents can rent a bike in Domeq 1 every single day!

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Forgot your keys? Have a broken lightbulb? Need information about services in the city? Our reception in Domeq 1 is always ready to help you with any kind of problem.

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Cleaning service

Do you prefer spending your time on hobbies and with friends rather than cleaning? Our cleaning service is here for you!

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Communal cooking

Are you a wizard in the kitchen and would like to share the magic? Cook a meal in the spacious kitchen in the lobby of Domeq 1.

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